and production
of braking system fittings
for industrial vehicles


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Tosi F.lli is pleased to announce the engineering of an environmental Oring on all RTC push-in models adding further protection from dust, dirt, salt and other polluting agents. This important upgrade brings our product to the highest performance and safety standards. A state-of-the-art level that guarantees the best possible available push-in solution for Air Brake […]


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Il giorno 8 novembre abbiamo partecipato come espositori al Salone dell’orientamento scolastico, della formazione e del lavoro a Novara (WOOOOOW 2019). I giovani rappresentano una grande risorsa per la nostra realtà e teniamo a divulgarlo nel modo migliore.  



Our production fittings are manufactured through a CAD 3D software planning and according to the Clients’ needs. All new products are prototyped and monitored during the production phase and then tested according to the Iveco Standard 18-2715 rules in order to comply with TÜV requirements. The items are obtained from bar and mould with the support of hi-tech machines. On client’s request, various thermal treatments are available internally while the galvanic treatments are carried out externally. The finished fittings are then 100% re-tested by specialized personnel.

Braking System Fittings

SIRIT braking system fittings are manufactured according to the DIN 2353 regulation. The wide range offers many solutions for truck, trailer and semitrailer manufacturers up to transformers and spare part dealers.

Recoverable Fittings Air Brake Systems

The SIRIT-RTC quick-connect fitting is designed for use with 11/12 (Rilsan), 10/12 polyamide pipes or elastomeric polyester (Hyltrel). TOSI-SIRIT has designed a single fitting able to retrieve the pipe after insertion through the RTC TOOL.